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The Vcidex Document Management System allows organization manage complex, expensive, in-effective, storage, archival, retrieval problems. It provides a secure way of managing documents and has the following benefits:

Document Management System

SalesFundaa Document Management Software (DMS) can be integrated with Tally as well as MS-Office applications to provide you with the capability to search for files, import/export data and access them from remote locations. You can also work on from any location and save them in the software.

SalesFundaa DMS maintains a full history of changes made to all documents and automatically without compromising on the speed to ensure fast access to current documents whenever they are required

Document automation will help you to manage documents and ensure that each one is assigned at relevant people in your organisation so that review and authorisation procedures are followed at all times.

Key Features of SalesFundaa Document Management System

Tally Integration

Document Library

50 GB Storage Limit

User Defined Access Control

Email Large Document in attachment